Another Zoo paper submitted!

Hot on the heels of the acceptance of our initial paper looking at the environmental dependence of morphology and colour, here’s another one considering similar questions, but using a very different approach.

The first author is Ramin Skibba, a friend of the Galaxy Zoo team, who is an expert in a mysterious analysis tool called ‘mark correlation functions’. He’s calculated these using the Galaxy Zoo data and interpreted the results to help us understand how the morphology and colour of galaxies depend on their environment. This has confirmed many of the findings in our previous paper, and given us new insight into the processes responsible for transforming galaxies from blue to red and spiral to elliptical. Ramin will write a blog post, explaining his paper in more detail, soon.

The paper has just been submitted to our usual journal of choice, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The submitted version will be available later in the week; we’ll post more then.

(For those counting, this is the 7th Galaxy Zoo paper to be submitted. So far, four have been accepted and we’re still working on the other two).

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9 responses to “Another Zoo paper submitted!”

  1. Thomas J says :

    Good luck, Ramin and I look forward to reading the paper. Thank you for the blog post, Steven.

    Thomas J

  2. Alice says :

    Cool! So what are the two different angles then, of the Stephen one and the Ramin one? Can’t wait to hear more! Hope you’ll tell us what “mark correlation function” means. And welcome to the zoo 😀

  3. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Congratulations, Ramin & the TEAM !

  4. DancesWithWords says :

    I look forward to the blog for a further explanation.

  5. Bavo says :

    Why is there a little cross by Ramin’s name in the picture? Did he die or something?

  6. Chris says :


    I can assure you Ramin’s very much alive – that’s a link to a footnote with his email address given.

  7. Waveney says :

    The paper is now available at

  8. Jules says :

    May your disentanglement be accepted Ramin. 🙂

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