Galaxy Zoo and STAGES joint press release

We have issued a press release describing the exciting simultaneous discovery of a significant population of red spiral galaxies by both the Galaxy Zoo and Space Telescope A901/902 Galaxy Evolution Survey (STAGES) projects. These unusual galaxies are found mainly in the outskirts of galaxy groups and clusters, and appear to be a missing link in the transformation of normal star-forming spirals to ‘red and dead’ early-types (lenticulars and ellipticals) in dense environments.You can see the press release here, and see the news on the BBC, and Wired

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7 responses to “Galaxy Zoo and STAGES joint press release”

  1. Al Lamperti says :

    There are 2 red spirals, probably interacting, near M-104. They have 2MASX designations. In photographs of M-104 they are near the low left edge and do appear red.

  2. Thomas J says :

    What an incredible press release. Well done to all and thanks.


  3. DancesWithWords says :

    I thought the press release easier to understand than the BBC article. Nice job guys.

  4. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Another spectacular achievement by the Zoo TEAM. Congratulations !

  5. marinakb says :

    How wonderful to be part of genuine academic research achieving such results! Thank you and well done all round!

  6. Alice says :

    There is a whole new breed of animal at the zoo. 😀 Nice articles!

    For those of you who I haven’t yet managed to ensnare onto the Galaxy Zoo Forum, there is more here:

  7. DancesWithWords says :

    I really need to learn how to write. Doh!

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