Happy Thanksgiving from Galaxy Zoo!

Thanks to forum user milk_n_cookies for finding an appropriate galaxy for the holiday – the Turkey Galaxy:

The Turkey Galaxy

(the legs are to the top left – click for a larger view)

Here is the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data for The Turkey Galaxy (official name SDSS J033009.27-011137.2).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, around the world – we are thankful for all the time you have shared with us as we have explored the universe together!

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10 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from Galaxy Zoo!”

  1. Georgia says :

    Hmmm….I don’t see a turkey. A blob of mashed potatoes, perhaps.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jordan! 😉

  2. Pat says :

    Happy Thanksgiving all!! 🙂 Don’t see it either I am afraid. 😉

  3. Thomas J says :

    Great stuff (ing)

  4. Hanny says :

    Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

  5. Jim says :

    Could be The Glob of Leftover Stuffing Galaxy. I love leftovers!

  6. Alice says :

    I can’t see a turkey either. But can I say thank you to all the dozens of people who have helped me create such a wonderful Galaxy Zoo Forum?

  7. ruby sheep says :

    Turkey? What turkey? I think someones been at the Christmas wine a bit too early!

  8. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Have a happy and safe holiday season everyone !

  9. va says :

    Have a happy and loving holiday season. Thank you to all.

  10. Myah says :

    there’s no turkey there 😉

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