A false start…

We’re off. Our first candidate galaxy is this rather nice system picture-7.pngBefore we can get to that though, we have to point the telescope at a well-known, bright source – usually an otherwise innocent and boring radio galaxy – to calibrate the system and to focus. Which is where our problems have started; the weather isn’t great (or is at least changeable)  and we had trouble getting a decent focus. We ended up rotating the telescope by about 100 degrees to find a brighter standard source, and managed to focus. By the time we moved back to our galaxy, though, the wind had picked up and the telescope operator – whose concern is for the safety of the dish rather than for our observations – decided we had to stop.So we’re 90 minutes or so in, and have six minutes of useful data. It feels like it’s going to be one of those nights… 

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4 responses to “A false start…”

  1. Alice says :

    Don’t cheer yourself up with churros unless you have fifty tons of water to go with it! Apart from that, it’s a delicious breakfast!

    Good luck – nights in Granada are usually pretty clear, and a cold breeze tends to come down off the mountains most years, but not always. At least you probably won’t get much rain.

  2. Lily says :

    Have patience and I am very sure you will get your reward. Happy New Year to all of you.

  3. Paul Sutherland says :

    They look like a pair of headlights in the fog. Very, er, atmospheric.

  4. GwydionM says :

    Life’s like that, isn’t it.

    Incidentally, you’ve also had a word processing glitch. The ‘before’ at the start of the paragraph is way out beyond the right-hand margin.

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