Liveblogging – AAS meeting

Greetings from Long Beach, California! I’m here along with Chris, Kevin, Bob, and Daniel Thomas at the twice-annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society.As we’ve done at previous meetings, I’ll be liveblogging events at the meeting. Between now and Thursday, I’ll be posting in real time about what I see and do at this meeting. Some of the other zookeepers will probably blog also.I’m part of a larger team of bloggers that is covering the meeting. You can follow the coverage at the Astronomy Cast Live blog.First up, at 10 AM Pacific time (7 PM GMT) is Chris and Kevin both talking about Galaxy Zoo results. See you then!

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2 responses to “Liveblogging – AAS meeting”

  1. Alice says :

    Oooooh – they must have started an hour ago. Hope it’s going well, sorry we can’t watch the ustream this time (yes I did beg!). Take a picture of Kevin’s first slide would you? 😀

  2. Hanny says :

    Have fun there guys! 😉

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