It's all happening (in the Zoo)

It’s been quite a day. I think – despite slowness at times – we’ve just about survived the onslaught so far. We’ll see what happens tomorrow – I don’t think we’re quite over the peak yet. The great thing about that is that the sheer levels of enthusiasm for the project, for the galaxies and for taking part in science should keep rising too. There will be more reflective posts, I promise, and lots more good stuff to come but I can’t resist linking to Sarah’s reworking of a Simon and Garfunkel classic.

It is, indeed, all happening (at the Zoo). Even if this Zookeeper’s favourite drink isn’t rum.

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13 responses to “It's all happening (in the Zoo)”

  1. Cabby says :

    Just wrote something about you guys on my BLOG! Keep up the good work!

  2. Sarah says :

    We had a major network outage today, always good for the creative juices 😉 The site looks great, good luck with the recruitment and hope you get a big team together!

  3. mikelowndes says :

    Tweetsurfed to this today. I guess I’m one of the many performance testing your hardware for free 8^). Great idea very well executed. Beats Tetris anyway.
    An expert interface would be a good addition later for the speed clickers/tabbers amongst us.

    BTW its such a small decision tree there’s no real need for ajax calls is there? all the data could be held client side which would lower the impact on yr platform hugely – one big send at the end.

  4. Steven says :

    mike – The clicks are held client side until the end then sent back in one go, but each question is fetched from the server. The real killer for us is actually writing many classifications back to our database simultaneously.

  5. Chris says :

    And a solution to that – database performance – is in hand.

  6. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    TEAM, you guys are doing a great job for the first dayof GZ 2. It has been a phenomenal improvement on the inauguration of GZ 1. A big thank you for the hard work !

  7. Anonymous says :

    It’s been a fantastic day, the site is superb and as addictive as the first outing. Well done to the team.


  8. Donald says :

    I’m a noob to this so never saw GZ V1.0 but this site is working well for a site upgrade. Glad you’re on Twitter and keep up the good work.

  9. annabel says :

    Oh my, what amazing fun! Always wanted to be an astronomer but appallingly bad at maths. I can now fulfill my dream!!!

  10. Steven says :

    I’m back in the saddle again! Going to try and do some more classification of galaxies! I enjoyed doing part one. I expect to enjoy participating in part II. I amazed adults and children with the images from one. If I inspired even one of them to look up at the sky a little differently, then this project rocks!

    I am proud to be a part of this endeaver to explore the universe. Hopefully the dream of Ray Bradbury will live on in our efforts.

  11. Mortimer says :

    Hi, looks neat!

    however, it keeps telling me I cannot log into my account and when I try to resert my password, it tells me my email is not in the DB… but I had an account, and received the mailing list news, so my email is there somewhere 😉

  12. adam primus says :

    The overload on GZ2, whilst generally attributed to BBC coverage, was I suspect, really caused by by the surreptitious and subliminal dissemination of the children’s classic:

    “We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow
    Zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow
    We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow
    And we can stay all day
    We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo
    How about you you you
    You can come too too too
    We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo”

    …or perhaps the continuous staring at faint fuzzy blobs has begun to affect my mind… 😉

  13. Kojak says :

    A newcomer to this. Really find this interesting but I keep getting distracted by the amazing shots of all the galaxys! I’ve just retired but have so far been at a loss to find an answer when the inevitable question “What are you doing to fill your time in” is asked. Well now I can say with a certain superiority “Classifying galaxys of course, what else?”

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