Your top ten galaxies…

The ‘Favourites’ feature in the new Galaxy Zoo; seems to have been rather popular in the site’s first week of existence.Everyone will have their own reasons for pressing the ‘Favourite galaxy’ button; whether it’s a galaxy to follow up on the forum, or to enjoy later. In any case, we present the first in a semi-regular series : Galaxy Zoo’s top ten favourite galaxies, in traditional reverse order. At number 10, one of the most beautiful spirals in the Zoo:10.jpgThree galaxies share 7th place; 2 spirals and an irregular7_1.jpg7_2.jpg7_3.jpgIn joint 5th, a nearby spiral and an enigmatic fuzzy ball :5_1.jpg5_2.jpgIn 4th, the first elliptical:4.jpgIntoΒ  the top 3, and at 3rd :3.jpgIn 2nd, a fainter spiral.2.jpgWith spirals taking most of the places in the top ten, surely it’ll be a spiral at number 1?The Galaxy Zoo most favourite galaxy is…1.jpgAn elliptical! Come back soon to see if this shock leader can hold on to the top spot for another week.

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40 responses to “Your top ten galaxies…”

  1. lupinehorror says :

    that is a shocker right enough!
    two of my favorites feature in the top ten but i’m surprised more mergers didn’t appear.
    nice to see what other users rate.


  2. margo says :

    Wonderful! I am really enjoying classifying –
    Just waiting for the most awesome pic yet to spiral my way!

  3. Carolyn says :


  4. andy_corrigan says :

    I love deciding which galaxies are best! πŸ™‚

  5. Diane says :

    This is even more enjoyable than the first part, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I find it engages my mind, but is relaxing because it is so different from the things I otherwise do on my computer. It is great to think I can enjoy myself and still help the cause of science.
    Thanks for inviting us to take part.

  6. Adrianus V says :

    Number 3 and 8 seems to be the same. For the rest: beautiful examples! πŸ™‚

  7. Thomas says :

    Many of these appear to have been saved for some further study, which is cool

  8. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Great choices ! I never doubt the shrewd judgment of Zooites. How else can the ZOO succeed ?


  9. Watto at Berneray says :

    I have missed selecting my best galaxies as I work through classifying them and then want to save them as a favourite. but, by that time, I’ve already progressed to the nest Galaxy on the list.

    I missed a good merger that way….

    From memory Galaxy Zoo 1 enabled you to revisit a list of all the galaxies that you had classified, Is there any thought on re-instating this facility?

  10. Alice says :

    Weird! It’s all the strange ones I want to post on the forum that I’m saving! (Most of which have been posted already . . .) I would love to know why the elliptical made it to the top.

  11. Tony Buser says :

    I have a feeling the boring elliptical got first because a lot of new users just hit the favorite button when it appeared to see what it does.

    Maybe you should calculate a top 10 list and weight the favorites by the number of classifications the users have completed or something? That or ignore any favorites that were created in the users first 100 or so classifications? That way you could weed out the early favorites and find ones that people favorited after some experience of whats out there.

  12. SarahTheEntwife says :

    Ooo, lovely!

    I tend to favorite-ify both the weird ones that I want to ask about and the ones that are just plain pretty. After a lot of Generic Fuzzy Blobs, a really stunning in-focus elliptical is worth a spot on the favorites list for me.

  13. angelx_1 says :

    I thought some of the spirals were beautiful. Although today I was classifying some galaxies and have saved some awesome anomolies that could outshine the spirals. I have saved a bright blue mist that looks like a cloud of saphires and a galaxy that has a red mist as though the sun is setting all around it. What a treat and so rewarding.

  14. pete perry says :

    interesting top 10!

  15. jack says :

    i like the top one

  16. GwydionM says :


  17. pat6347 says :

    l agree, 3 and 8 are the same, apart from that, enjoying myself immensley even though l sometimes get mixed up with my disturbed, mergers and others, lol

  18. Jules says :

    None of mine have made the top 10 – but then I always did have strange tastes!! πŸ™‚

  19. zeus2007 says :

    I’m surprised, I personally kinda have a thing for spirals! But if the elliptical is in 1st place is because it deserves it, so cheers to that!

  20. oino says :

    I don’t remember classifying any of these. Obviously I must spend more and yet more time on the site πŸ™‚

  21. jack says :

    i have only just started classifying the galaxys

  22. heng says :

    beautiful selection…
    that double entry must be the florida-recount *dgr*

  23. eric turner says :

    I’m very surprised. Presumably this is the one most people have put in their own favourites. Like others I thought this might have been a very clear spiral or a merger..

  24. Alan S says :

    Am really enjoying classifying galaxies really difficult to stop & log off

  25. Hedley C says :

    3 and 8 are definitely the same object at different mag levels. Very pretty though!

  26. linguist says :

    greetinngs all,
    i have classified two ring galaxies-39791 and 137623
    they’re amazing.
    how do i go about getting them into the top ten fav’s?

  27. Hanny says :

    I thought they weren’t after all…. πŸ˜€

  28. adam primus says :

    Faint Fuzzy Blobs making the top ten; A non-Spiral at No. 1… this is more surprising than the apparent “Axis of Evil”!
    If I weren’t so sure of the probity of the Zoo I might think the fix was in! πŸ˜‰

  29. eileen schaff says :

    I want to add my congrats and thanks for a brilliant site! I wonder what the age range of classifiers is? Personally I am old enough to stil be amazed at how far science has come and yet strangely disappointed that the sci fi visions of my youth have not come true (yet)! This site may be the nearest I will get to the heavens, so thanks again. ;>)

  30. suneetha says :

    I feel very happy to see the top 10 galaxy galary.
    I have more interest to find the galaxys behaviour, please out the information about their behaviour and to allow the visitors to find the correct shape of the galaxys.
    Thank you,

  31. RobertGB says :

    I’m with adam primus, the fix must be in. Either that or they were picked entirely by random from the common galaxies. To me, none of them have the beauty or unusual character that make them special. One of the primary reasons I participate is the chance of seeing something special that makes you catch your breath. Works of etherial art that surpasses anything created by man. Especially when you consider what these objects are composed of. Millions, billions of stars, black holes quasars, civilizations, galactic mergers where billions of stars pass each other at near light speed with nary a collision such is the vastness of space, the incredible distances between the stars. I mean come on, give me a break :<)

  32. Sue says :

    This is only the 2nd time I have been classifying and I find it to be the most relaxing yet addictive task. Just as I have made my mind up to call it a night, another beautiful galaxy pops up and I just think’oh just one more then!’
    Great site. thanks

  33. fluffyporcupine says :

    i must be one of the culprits (and i can think of a few others too! πŸ˜‰ ) I add fuzzy blobs to favorits to go lense hunting πŸ™‚

  34. chris says :

    makes you realize just how small we are and how much is out
    there to be discovered

  35. fashton says :

    Loved to see the top 10. Personally, I only put the pretty ones in there. So if it’s blue and a spiral it’s for me!

  36. Niwram says :

    TOP Ten (or even more) is very good idea. It is nice to see beautiful galaxies. Does anybody add to Favourites this one – SDSS 587745403608301654? It is very strange for me.

  37. Harkinian says :

    I just wonder what Ganon’s up to.

  38. voopsick says :

    Did you ever hear about “voting machines”? Such are used (unfairly of course)to reach a certain result in online votings. Could it be that somebody has tried out such a device here?

  39. Mona Albano says :

    If you add up the scores for #8 (7_2.jpg) and #3 (3.jpg), you’d probably have a new winner and it would be a very pretty spiral galaxy with a “snowflake” fringe. How did you get the same galaxy in twice at different magnifications?

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