My Galaxies ++

I’ve just updated the ‘My Galaxies’ section of the Galaxy Zoo site. Significantly you can now see all of the favourites that you have added in order of most recent first. I’ve also added a history of your galaxies (but not what classification you made yet!) I’m pleased to say that the restriction on ‘My Galaxies’ being visible three days after registration is now also removed.Enjoy!

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20 responses to “My Galaxies ++”

  1. Alice says :

    Wow! Awesome! Thanks Arfon!

    The day I update the picposting guidelines is the day I didn’t need to . . . LOL 😀

    Is there a total number of galaxies classified I can see anywhere? I’d like to know how many I’ve got through 🙂

  2. Half65 says :

    Great job Arfon.

  3. margo says :

    I maybe very quiet on the site – but I am absorbing so much useful information from the team.
    What comes across to a newbie like me, is the sheer dedication
    from the whole team.
    Bravo Guy’s!

  4. Thomas says :

    Well done Arfon, you have done a fantastic job 🙂

  5. Thomas says :

    Oh yes, I meant to say ‘thank you’ Arfon

  6. Hanny says :

    Great, thanks Arfon! 😀

  7. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks a lot, Arfon !


  8. heng says :

    thank you! nice addition!
    i nearly started a thankyou thread for this feature before i noticed the blog post… now i hopefully will never miss a beauty because i forget to click the add2favs button in time!

  9. Graham says :

    We much appreciate the facility Arfon, many thanks.

  10. Watto at Berneray says :

    Great… I was wondering how I could add missed ‘nice-uns’ to my favourites.

    Just a suggestion.. could it not reset the list of previous galaxies back to the start when you add one to favourites?

    Otherwise really fantastic.

  11. Lily Lau says :

    Thank you thank you so much Arfon. You have done a really great job.

  12. Shun says :

    Hello everbody my name is Shun

  13. GwydionM says :

    Thanks, a big step forward

  14. lewis b says :

    i found an interesting object and cant work out how to post it from my favorites onto the forum

  15. lewis b says :

    SDSS J142843.28+031434.5

  16. colincmr says :

    looks great!!!

  17. Alice says :

    Hi Lewis B – come and join us on the discussion forum, or send me an e-mail, and I’ll help you.

  18. jenni says :

    Hi everyone, i am a newcomer, so just finding my, feet, it is mindboggling sometimes, have i clicked on the right one!, i am sure in time i will know what is what, but you will have to excuse a few mistakes, cant wait to discover something new !!

    Jenni x

  19. Jordan E says :

    Hello Everyone,
    I’ve just joined, I love space and science and I want to be an astrophysicist but I’m only 9 years old, so I’ve got a way to go!

    I read my space books most nights.


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