Top Ten Galaxies

The last time we counted down your Top Ten Galaxies there was a shocking result at number 1. Are things different now Galaxy Zoo 2 is a fortnight old?Read on to find outAt number ten, down six places since the last countdown, it’s this elliptical :10.jpgThis spectacular merger is a new entry at number nine this time round :9.jpgAt number 8, another new entry :8.jpgThe third new entry is at number seven :7.jpgFollowed up by another at number 6. It’s all spirals today :6.jpg There are only two more new entries to go…and one of them is number 5.5.jpgAt four, down one, it’s this pinwheel spiral :4.jpg At three, it’s the final new entry :3.jpgStill in number two, it’s a fuzzy spiral :2.jpgAnd at number one for the second week running it’s an otherwise undistinguished elliptical. Strange.1.jpg 

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37 responses to “Top Ten Galaxies”

  1. VCB says :

    Nice Galaxies!

  2. pete perry says :

    2nd pic merger awesome and number 5 spiral amazing!

  3. margo says :

    No 2 pic of merger is wonderful – I keep ckecking the No I elliptical for something unusual? Maybe I have defective vision?
    Curious and curiouser….

    A joy all the same.
    Calisto aka Margo

  4. Thomas says :

    Interesting number one slot.

    Chris, you should have been a DJ 🙂

  5. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    I have a strange feeling that the seemingly ordinary #1 has been chosen due to its symmetrical appearance. Correct me if I am wrong and thanks for the frequent update on this popular top 10 list, Chris .

  6. Hanny says :

    Thanks for the update, nice! 🙂

  7. Mark says :

    Yeah, I think it’s odd that an eliptical would be in the number 1 spot.

  8. augusta says :

    I agree with Joseph.Its the strange arrangement, almost V shaped, of surrounding objects.

  9. voopsick says :

    and what’s remarkable with #1? and do not all galaxies have V shaped surroundings (for geometrical – sit venia verbo – reasons)

    .. and funny, today I got for comparison of “spirality” identical pictures…. indeed difficult to decide then…

  10. John Parratt says :

    Picture 5 has got to my fav, what a spectacular looking galaxy.

  11. Kit says :

    Dare I say it – could there be a bug in your favourite-count? There simply isn’t anything special about the #1. (Thanks a a wonderful site though.)

  12. zeus2007 says :

    Wonderful galaxies: #9, #8, marvelous! #6 is an awesome work of art made by some very gifted hands in outter space.

  13. Pip Usmar says :

    I wonder if the otherwise undistuished ones end up in other peoples favourites for the same reason they end up in mine: I’m new to all this, so if I’m not sure how to classify something, I save it to my favourites to get the number for it and then ask about it in forums. Just a possibility.

  14. Jo says :

    Would it be possible to add the galaxy ref for each of the top ten galaxy images?
    It would also be great if there was somehow a way to link ‘my favourite galaxies’ with the ‘top ten’, so you could easily see if any match up.
    Also to keep a catalogue of all the top tens with their ref and a description for future reference.

    Zoo2 is truly fabulous which i enjoy very much.

  15. Aha i found a KURE! says :

    OH i like your site! 🙂

  16. Jabber says :

    Kit: i’m glad you think that too. Thot i was the only one:0)

    lovin the galaxies inbeetween 1 and 10 tho.

  17. Carolyn says :

    Have to say I wondered about the selection system also. Dare we suggest there may be a problem?

    Also had the same problem with galaxy wars as voopsick – asked to compare the identical system. And what do you do even if it is not the same galaxy but there is no difference between the 2 on the aspect you are asked to differentiate?

  18. jan caborn says :

    I think NO.1 is there because new classifiers, like me, are still playing with the site and thought they ought to put something in the favs box, and since all the galaxies look amazing when you start, this perfectly ordinary one gets picked often.

  19. Pip Usmar says :

    Excellent question Carolyn – I have been wondering that myself. What do you do if there is:

    a) no difference
    b) neither if them fit the description

    I guess the galaxy wars thing is quite new, so maybe this will be added in later.

  20. websmith77 says :

    Looks like there was a problem or misunderstanding in the ranking. Number 1 and number 10 are both common ellipticals.

    There are no mergers involved or strange configurations.

    The other galaxies look fantastic! Great and strange looking spirals and mergers.

  21. adam primus says :

    Some awesome ones in there, and some… well… I just don’t get #2… am I missing something?
    p.s. The top 10 favourites is a great idea; is it to be a regular feature?

  22. Linda McCarthy says :

    No.1: could it be that its just a lovely arrangement of different coloured fuzzy objects? Though does seem odd.
    I just love No. 6!
    Looking forward to the next top ten.

  23. David Y. says :

    I have seen most of your picks, I must have 40 favorites!
    This one is of 2 tightly spiral galaxies just starting to merge
    SDSS 587736543090114815
    This one is a wonder! A cluster: SDSS 587729158428950544
    This one is a pinwheel: SDSS 587729154132803722
    Maybe this is a Quasar: SDSS 587741723357544493

  24. Graham d says :

    Undistinguished and not disturbed means it’s a great place to evolve and live, and therein lies its popularity.
    Hardly, it’s more likely that a newcomer, tests the favourites button.

  25. tussock says :

    Users perhaps think #1 is a lensing effect, with the little reds on the left. If it’s the clearest one to show what looks like lensing, many users would favorite it.

    #2 might be just ambiguous enough for many people to check out elsewhere, possible bar, might wonder if it’s just an elliptical? The devs will know the variation on how people identify it.

  26. Alex says :

    Cool pics, i love the spirals, they are some of the best pictures of outer space i ever saw!!!

  27. Alice says :

    Welcome to the zoo David Y., why don’t you come and post these on the forum for us? 🙂

  28. Alex says :

    very smart ones

  29. nfintiy says :

    Awesome project!!!!

    Gotta love it.
    well, back to work 🙂

    cheers fellas!

  30. wanderson says :

    #1 is not elliptical; it has a bright core but the wide, disk has low surface brightness and shows at least three arms, one of which shows young star activity; ? merger site. There is no lensing obvious and the “little reds on the left”are associated with one of the spiral arms and contain old stars. The larger red object is probably a more distant, background object.

  31. wanderson says :

    Read previous comments in relation to #10 – it is not elliptical; it has a bright core but the wide, disk has low surface brightness and shows at least three arms, one of which shows young star activity; ? merger site. There is no lensing obvious and the “little reds on the left”are associated with one of the spiral arms and contain old stars. The larger red object is probably a more distant, background object.

  32. wanderson says :

    #1 it is not an elliptical galaxy; it has a bright core and (like #10)disk has low surface brightness and shows at least three arms, which show star-forming activity. There is no lensing obvious and the red objects are associated with the spiral arms.

  33. Alan S says :

    I have classified several galaxies today several into favourites enjoy greatly

  34. Jake says :

    good picks. It is odd that number one is even on here.

  35. Vera says :

    N# 1 and 10 have interesting surrounding objects.
    If you look at the picks carefully you can usually “draw” lines or distinct curves throught the “smaller” objects around these elipticals.

    N# 1 has a V-shaped arrangement (as Augusta mentioned earlier). It also has a long curve of objects starting on the left of the galaxy and going below and to the right and top corner of the pick.

    N# 10 also has some objects placed seemingly simmetrically around the galaxy’s center and there may be a suspition that this is a lense.

  36. Mark says :

    I’ve only been on the site a few minutes and already I’m blown away. It’s amazing to me how many comments characterize any object as amazing as number 1 as undistinguished and commonplace when compared to the others. There must be billions of stars in it. I wonder how our galaxy looks from that vantage point and if any possible inhabitants amongst that vast array of stars and worlds might think of our galaxy, perhaps as ho-hum?

  37. Mark says :

    Seeing these amazing images makes me wish we could bring Tycho Brahe or Nicolaus Copernicus or Galileo to this site and let them see what we are so privileged to. Thank you so very much.

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