Fifteen million

As I was doing a backup of the Zoo 2 database this morning I thought I’d do a quick count of how many classifications we’d had so far.  To my surprise we were only about 2000 short of the 15,000,000th.  So there I sat, at my laptop, waiting to see who’d get the honour of classification number 15,000,000.  As you might expect I didn’t have to wait very long before I had the answer…

The Zooite to make the 15,000,000th classification is newolder.  Thanks newolder for helping us past this major landmark!  I thought you might like to see which galaxy newolder was classifying at the time, and here it is:


Not that we check up on you (very often 😉 ) but I couldn’t help but check what classification newolder gave this galaxy.  You will be pleased to hear that they classified it as smooth, completely round and nothing odd.

15,000,000 classifications in less than a month is an amazing achievement.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Happy Classifying!


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19 responses to “Fifteen million”

  1. GwydionM says :

    I might have classified it as Odd / Other on account of the two little blobs that look like ‘outriders’. Most likely a chance allignment of stars, but remembering the Voorworp one can’t be sure.

  2. Bazzer says :

    How do I get interesting pictures from my favourites onto the blog? I think something looks very interetsing but dont know if you see these things all the time!

  3. veggy says :

    Are you sure? I’ve been classifying these as side on spirals with a dominant round central bulge. Oops.

    Just kidding!

  4. Alice says :

    I’d have called it smooth and medium . . . 😀

    Congratulations Newolder!

  5. Arfon says :

    Yes, I see what you mean. I think the image has stretched slightly width-wise.

  6. Hanny says :

    I’d have gone for smooth and medium too, but hey, that’s how the project works eh… Very cool Newolder and thanks for sharing that Arfon! 😀 😉

  7. Alice says :

    Welcome to the zoo Bazzer. It’s very unlikely your favourite pictures will end up here, but please come along to the forum and you can post lots and lots – and we’ll help you!

  8. Alice says :

    (P.S. I have sent a message to Newolder, who’s only just joined our forum and I hope won’t be scared off by all our enthusiasm!)

  9. Rod Guice says :

    15,000,000 in one month!! Wooo-hoooo!! Zoo 2 is kickin’! Excellent. Continue the great work zooicons!!

  10. zeus2007 says :

    Ah big congrats to our fellow zooite newolder! Though I’d probably go gone for medium, though completely round would work just fine. Anyway newolder once again congratulations mate! 15,000,000! Whoa that’s what I call a kicker! Great job everyone.

  11. margo calisto says :

    As it is St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, 17th March – after a few glasses of moonshine, I may well be looking for a shamrock shaped galaxy!

  12. Alicia says :

    SDSS 587742615095935051

  13. 3v1l5w1n says :

    “nothing odd” apart from the (possibly) gravitational lensing of a satellite galaxy behind it’s main one.

  14. Mark says :

    So does that mean what I think it means and that each galaxy has been classified by roughly 60 different people?

  15. Alan S says :

    15 million quite a staggering amount of classifications enjoying immensely keep up the good work

  16. Alice says :

    Hi Phil. I did, they wrote back and said they couldn’t help.

  17. Marcy9 says :

    15,000,000!!! awesome, congratulations everyone, luckly Newolder. It´s a great project.

  18. December says :

    I agree it is smooth and slightly slanted but in my eyes there is abright light in the middle

  19. onytony says :

    Are there any good samples of arcs? (New to galaxy zoo) I know you want us to be uninfluenced by what others say, but I don’t want to get into a rut of consistently miss-classifying ones when with a bit of feedback I would learn quickly. I’m sure I missed a merger and feel really bad about it

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