Galaxy Zoo Shop is open

The Galaxy Zoo Shop is now open for business offering some official ZOO merchandise. We are currently using Cafepress for the ordering, printing and distribution and  plan to add some more designs and other products as we go on.

If you have any queries about your orders etc — you will need to email Cafepress about it but I have found them to be very quick to respond to queries.

All profits will be used to support the work of the Zoo,  so if you feel like wearing the ZOO badge with pride check out the Zoo Shop at

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10 responses to “Galaxy Zoo Shop is open”

  1. Hanny says :

    I love my new T-shirt! 😀

  2. Geoff Roynon says :

    The mugs are great as well – mine is developing a nice brown tea stain inside as it gets worn in!

  3. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank you for the info, Phil.


  4. jules says :

    The quality is excellent. Love my T shirt and mug. 🙂
    Not so keen on UK customs. 😦

  5. Alice says :

    It won’t accept my type of debit card. Is it possible to use Paypal or anything, which will?

  6. PhilMurray says :

    hi Alice — I am not sure about this — could you email Cafepress Support about it — hopefully they can help.

  7. Al Lamperti says :

    Cafe Express was very prompt in sending the shirt.

  8. Alice says :

    Hi Phil,

    (Sorry, idiot me left my reply in the wrong place before) – I did e-mail them and they said they can’t help with that kind of thing. 😦

    They should work on expanding what sort of cards they use, mine is a very commonly used type!

  9. Jess says :

    Hey I’m so glad that there are shirts & if I ever get any money I would love to get one.

    (& this is going to shallow)
    I think that you should allow for prettier colors.
    A light yellow or a pink?
    I love the universe but I also like pretty colors.

  10. PhilMurray says :

    hi Jess,

    I am afraid the only base colours we can use for garments and other items are the ones that CAFEPRESS provide and in some cases the full colour ZOO logo works better on certain backgrounds. Hopefully they will add more later. In any case I will shortly be uploading some ZOO designs which will work on any dark or light colour so if you try back in a week or two you may find some other colour options available.

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