Inverted images in Galaxy Zoo

There’s a new addition to Galaxy Zoo today – inverted images.  As some of you may know, the Sloan images can be shown in either colour or inverted.

To switch to the inverted version of the galaxy just click on the link “Invert galaxy image”.  The inverted images can be useful in bringing out hints of structure that are otherwise hard to spot so we hope that you like this addition.

Happy classifying!


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18 responses to “Inverted images in Galaxy Zoo”

  1. Nyn says :

    I, for one, love this new addition! 🙂

    Happy inverting!


  2. Graham d says :

    I much appreciate the image inversion, Arfon.
    Were it possible, a zoom function would better facilitate recognition of mergers/interacting and disturbed galaxies.

  3. jdlmater says :

    the possibikity to invert an image is one of the most valuable tools added lately. Thanks a lot!

  4. margo calisto says :

    The “invert galaxy image” terrific help with classifying for us new kids on the block.
    I am still wearing my L plates re classifying – though enjoying every minute of it.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  5. Half65 says :

    Really appreciate.
    Arfon you made a “gadget” a day.

  6. GwydionM says :

    Very nice. It’s also good to have ‘favourites’ beside it.

    Using the ‘invert’ feature, I decided that two neigbbouring galaxies are intereacting with a faint ‘bridge’ of stars between them. Turned out to be 587732771053961276.

  7. weezerd says :

    Arfon! You’re great to have around! LOL

  8. Thomas J says :

    Thanks Arfon, this feature is very useful for picking out fine detail that can otherwise be lost in the glare.

    A welcome addition. 🙂

  9. oino says :

    Thank you! I have often found inverting the image useful in assessing mergers, and sometimes just as a pleasant sight of itself. This is much appreciated as a Zoo enhancement.

  10. Alice says :

    I rarely use invert, so it will be interesting to see if my classifications change more or less than other people’s.

    Will you be checking to see whether people are using invert before making a classification, or at least checking who does and who doesn’t use it a lot?

  11. zeus2007 says :

    I just came back to the Zoo a little while ago, I was part of Galaxy Zoo 1, but I left for a long time. And then I found out (by email) about the second generation so I came back and I’ve been here ever since. Anyway, I guess I’m still pretty new to all this stuff however it sounds very interesting and I like how it sounds when it says about seeing some details that would otherwise be hard to identify. I think it’ll ease up on the classification and we’d be able to make a better judgment of the image, therefore giving it a better classification. I’d say this is a very nice addiction.

    Thanks a whole bunch of millions of light years.

  12. adam primus says :

    Thanks – the image inversion is an excellent option for helping assess structure, mergers and disturbances; I only realised just how effective this is when waveney added it to his merger classification site, so it’s great to see it added to GZ2.
    I would strongly advise anyone who has not yet availed themselves of its services to try it out 🙂

  13. pat6347 says :

    Very much appreciated as I am very new to the zoo and need all the help I can get on the more confusing images.

  14. zephin says :


  15. Dave says :

    Nice Arfon. Very useful tool. I echo everyone’s comments on this. Can it be used retroactively?

  16. StuartM says :

    Surely a brilliant addition. It certainly helps in decision-making.
    Well done
    regards… stuart

  17. Alan S says :

    good addition i find it really helpful

  18. Daniel Mortimer says :

    i am a new membor but the new feture has allready helped me make some good desitions

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