And one Login to Rule them All

You get up, you login to the forums to check for messages. You then open another window and login to classify galaxies. Back and forth, forums and classifications, forever logging in twice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had all your galaxies and all our forum friends in one place?

We’re working to make that happen!

In the coming months the Galaxy Zoo classifications site ( and the Galaxy Zoo Forums ( are going to adopt a shared login (for you tech heads, we’ll be using CAS). To make this happen smoothly we need your help.

If you do not have an account on the forums, you can stop reading now. If you are a forum user, please keep going.

About 2000 of you (and this includes me, so don’t feel guilty) have created a login on using one email address and on the using a different email address. Can you do us a favor? Can you please make sure your accounts on both sites use the same email address? (And in case you forget, we will be emailing mismatched email holders later this week)

Here is how:

  • Login to and click on “Profile” and note what email address you have entered.
  • Now login to and click on “Classify Galaxies” and then resist the temptation to classify the galaxy (okay fine, maybe pause to do 2 or 3 or 4 dozen), and then click on “Profile.” Check if your email on matches. If it doesn’t, please change your email on to match our email on

This is a Bad Example.

Emails don’t match = sadness

This is a Good Example.

Emails match! Happy!


Thanks in advance for all your help!



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24 responses to “And one Login to Rule them All”

  1. Mark OConnell says :

    The login I use to classify galaxies is not the name I use on the forum. If given a choice I’d use my ID on the forum, but not the other way around.

  2. Starbright says :

    My email address on both sites IS the same. However my USERNAME is different. Do I need to take any action on this?

  3. Alice says :

    Someone has also asked about different passwords.

  4. Jwb52z says :

    Am I the only person who has everything the same in both?

  5. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks, I am checking right now !


  6. Hanny says :

    😀 Thanks Pamela!

  7. Marcy9 says :

    Thanks Pamela, gonna be nice, one ID/pass..

  8. Rob says :

    Will we be given the option to pick our username if we are using two differing ones?

  9. zeus2007 says :

    My email is the same in both places and the password I use is…ah will this be a security issue? Oh well I started it, I guess I should finish it…the same.

  10. John says :

    To be honest, and i’m not knocking your idea, my first thought when i saw your classification website and your forum were on different domains, was why? Its ridiculous? Then i discovered that your blog is also on its own separate domain, what’s that about?

    Whats wrong with;


    Either way, you will still have to merge the database email address’s with bridging software. But i am glad to see you are making the effort, well done to the team guys!

    John in Ireland.

  11. wanderson says :

    Good to see galaxy zoo clasifying and forum in one accessible place. It will make reporting interesting finds (like jets from galaxy cores) easier. Will the log-in ID and email be matched to those of the forum or to the classifying ID? Unfortunately I used a different ID (code name) for each (de to them being on apparently dofferent domains) and I would like to see one ID used for both. Hopefully a chance will be made to make classifying ID will match forum ID (or vice versa as required by participant.

  12. Chris says :

    Just to let you all know, you’ll be able to choose what username appears where once the accounts are merged.

    John – different domains for historical reasons. Things are slowly being rationalised.


  13. sammackrill says :

    You should be using OpenID:

  14. don12 says :

    Hi This is probally not the right place for this question but I cant work out how to find another (place). Can anyone tell me how many galaxies you classify before insanity sets in? Best regards Don

  15. Arfon says :

    sammackrill – OpenID is great but CAS is a better fit for us. The reasons will become obvious soon…

  16. rocksrus says :

    I registered for the, but the forum will not let me use the same username and email. I see you want to start using the same, so when does this plan actually start working? There is also no one to contact. If you want help, you need to offer some help! Totally frustrating!

  17. Chris says :

    Hi rocksrus

    If you drop us an email we should be able to sort your problems out – team AT (we don’t guarantee to answer email, but are doing ok at the minute)

  18. Gina Westbrook ( Again) says :

    How come the classifications are going so slowly? Is is it my computer or that there are so many people. It just seems to take a longer time to get through each galaxy classification. It seems that if you want a million in 100 hours, it should go faster. Since, ( and I don’t know why) most of the ones I get are smooth with nothing unusual about them.

    Still love the website!

  19. carol says :

    I had a problem when I tried to set up an account with Galaxy Zoo forum, and can’t remember my password or e-mail address for the first attempt??????????
    I have now re-registered with my Galaxy Zoo details…hope thats ok????

  20. weezerd says :

    A reply for Jwb52z of March 25, 5:24am:

    Wanting to know if being the only person who has everything the same in both…

    No! (and in GZ1 also)

    and another for don12 of April 1st, 8:50am:

    In response to how many galaxies you classify before insanity sets in, the answer is “one”!

    Hope this helps… ;<)

  21. ARTISSERODO says :

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  22. Blackprojects says :

    OK Who melted the Forum this time?

  23. hoppiemochie says :

    Hiya all of youz!..
    How are yaz doing?

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