1 million classifications in 100 hours?

During the lifetime of Galaxy Zoo, we’ve been continually stunned by the response from you, the Galaxy Zoo community, to our requests for help. That said, we thought it was about time we raised the bar and gave you an actual target to aim for, and the International Year of Astronomy’s showpiece event, the 100 hours of Astronomy is the perfect excuse.We’re challenging you to complete 1 million clicks in Galaxy Zoo 2 during the 100 hours. They actually started at midday Greenwich Mean Time, so we’re already underway – as you’ll see if you go to the site to observe our new Zoonometer ™picture-41.png  So if you need a little extra excuse to spend more time on the site this weekend, to drag your friends to Galaxy Zoo, or just a little extra motivation (watching the classifications tick up is very relaxing) then you now have no reason to wait. Get clicking!

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22 responses to “1 million classifications in 100 hours?”

  1. Alice says :

    Oh if only my computer didn’t take a minute or so to load each galaxy . . .

  2. Lee says :

    Only a million?

  3. Hanny says :

    Cool! 😀

    So that’s also an extra reason to come and visit me this weekend in NEMO, Amsterdam at the Galaxy Zoo stand, near this poster: http://www.hannysvoorwerp.com/?p=507

    I think we all can do this! 😉

  4. C says :

    Galaxy Zoo seems to have gone down under the pressure. It takes over a full minute to load the front page.

  5. Chris says :

    We’re working on it.


  6. Alice says :

    Place your bet on the forum as to when we reach the halfway mark: http://www.galaxyzooforum.org/index.php?topic=273428.msg297824#msg297824

  7. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    It will be fun, Chris. It is just like a weekend F-1 Grand Prix.


  8. Sirpeppy says :

    This will be fun! I’ll have to see if I can get a better connection somewhere though because my internet is already slow and the added peoples on Galaxyzoo doesn’t help. Hahaha. I bet we make it though!! 🙂

  9. Me says :

    Maybe you could put some time counter as well? A big ’50 hours left only’ could encourage some to clasify even more!

  10. Chetan says :


  11. Lily says :

    Definitely no movie for me this weekend!! Rather have fun classifying those lovely galaxies!!

  12. Helen says :

    WOW! when I went to bed last night, it was already at the 130k mark and now it’s at 290k – that’s in less than 24 hours! If we can keep this up, we’ll kill a mill – no probs 🙂

  13. scaryitalian says :

    No web access over week end, trying to make the most of today and tomorrow, strong suspicion the 1M mark will be hit while I’m still there 🙂

    Agree that a very visible time countdown might encourage most classifiers to make that little extra click – or twenty!!!

  14. Tim says :

    Is this based on each click or each complete classification? e.g. is Smooth, Circle, Nothing Odd counted as one or three?

  15. Chris says :

    Short answer : It’s clicks – so each answer to a question counts.
    Long answer : It’s clicks, but they only get added to the total when you finish the galaxy. So in your example when you click ‘Nothing Odd’ that’s three to the total.

  16. Vanderdecken says :

    Only a million? We’re 18 hours in the counter reads 362,287. I think we can go for 2 million, don’t you guys? Besides, some people probably haven’t got the email yet.

  17. Half65 says :

    Click ! Click ! Click !

  18. DancesWithWords says :

    What a very cool idea.

  19. zeus2007 says :

    Oh I wasn’t here yesterday, but tonight I’d do my share of classifications. Very cool idea! Thumbs-up!!

  20. Charles says :

    This is great. We will do 1.5 million!

  21. semi says :

    Here’s an idea. Maybe you could put an actual link to the Galaxy Zoo website somewhere on this blog page so people can find the site.

  22. shai says :

    hello guys i love galaxy zoo!

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