24 hours in, 76 to go

After the first day of Galaxy Zoo’s 100 hours of astronomy challenge, the response has been excellent. The Zoonometer ™ stands just short of 330,000, so we’re on course and nearly a third of the way there. Of course, the first part is easy, but how will you all do over the long haul?


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21 responses to “24 hours in, 76 to go”

  1. Eric M. Jones says :

    Oh great…yes let’s all get on at once and slow everything to a crawl………


  2. Chris says :

    Should be running pretty quickly now…

  3. Gail P. says :

    The clicks are up to almost 337,000 this morning and it isn’t taking long to load, just longer than usual. April 2, 9:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

  4. Frank Allison says :

    This fascinates me. I am happy to be part of this project.

  5. arll says :

    Starting to get some rather annoying connection issues here, ~6 second delays from clicking a classification.

  6. hyncharas says :

    Occassionally it takes a long time for the system to process your choices, but it did ease up after a while…

    I don’t know, it could go wither way. If it doesn’t, it will probably be more a matter of the connection issues, however. It it does, it will be a significant step forward.

  7. Duncan says :

    28 hours up
    72 to go!!!

  8. Anonymous says :

    We almost have 400,000 clicks!

  9. kev says :

    faster than used to be, still a bit slow.

  10. once, I just had to exit the webpage cause the connection was going so slow... Grr! says :


  11. Daniel H. says :

    Almost at 500,000 — looking good!

  12. Tony says :

    Why are people complaining about the speed of your webb site to respond to clicks? Come on let’s be positive; its a great iniciative let’s celebrate it and the good feeling it gives us all to be a part of it.

  13. x303 says :

    Taking a nap inbetween 2 galaxies…….

  14. brian says :

    intial login sluggish, but once in, things go smoothly. The cause is worth the wait!

  15. kev says :

    The challenge don’t seem to be number of galaxies we classify or people who do it; but whether the servers can handle all the traffic. good lesson for next time’s challenge.

  16. Marcy9 says :

    almost 500,000 clicks, impressive.. I feel like a child in a jewels garden :D:D awesome!

  17. zeus2007 says :

    We’re well underway last count over half the total of clicks! Way go to team.

  18. Dave says :

    don’t mind a few extra seconds to see something no one’s ever seen halfway across the universe…or am I missing the point?
    anyway, just having a blast playing astronomer. thanks G.Z.

  19. kev says :

    hey this zoonometer is really hard to read, can you make it bigger or show the number on it more clearly.

  20. tmbruner says :

    I’m wondering how long after Hubble first correctly classified a galaxy as such that it took to classify a million of them. Sort of a useless factoid I suppose, but would be fun to know.

  21. scibuff says :

    Hey guys, would it be possible to also add a countdown next to the zoonometer so we also know exactly how much is left?

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