Mergers Update

Two recent things:

1) Owing to the poor weather, we’ve had to put in another application to the 30m dish this summer. I shall be sure to track down the fox’s lair with the snow gone in search of my lost champagne. We’ve also submitted a sample of spiral-spiral mergers to be viewed by the William Hershel Telescope on the Canary Islands as part of a ‘Do spirals survive mergers’ project. Should lead to some stunning images if succesful.

2) The original merger paper got split into two because there was so much in it! These were recently placed on Astroph for the whole scientific community to see. You can find them here and here here.

Hopefully the referee will give the go ahead soon for their full publication in the journal MNRAS. We’ll keep you posted!

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7 responses to “Mergers Update”

  1. zeus2007 says :

    Cool! I hope the green light is given.

  2. Waveney says :

    Lovely news.

  3. Pat says :

    Super!!! 🙂

  4. commhealy says :

    We need to take up donations for our own Galaxy Zoo Telescope. A big one on the dark side of the moon.

  5. Imzogelmo says :

    The merger paper was split in two: Priceless humor. 😛

  6. Maciej says :


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