20 Million

With all of the buzz about the Galaxy Zoo Zoonometer™ and our challenge to reach 1 million clicks in 100 hours it’s easy to forget that these 1 million clicks are just part of a much larger total.

Late yesterday afternoon we smashed through the 20 million mark and the Zooite who has the honour of the 20 millionth click is ‘cor riff’.  ‘cor riff’ has so far classified 281 galaxies which makes them somewhat of a veteran.

The Galaxy to receive the 20 millionth click?   This rather nice (albeit fuzzy) barred spiral.  SDSS J154503.53+142521.0

The 20 millionth click

Thanks ‘cor riff’ and all of the other Zooites for your ongoing contribution to Galaxy Zoo.  Now back to  that Zoonometer™…

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13 responses to “20 Million”

  1. Behzad Ansarinejad says :

    Congratulations to GALAXY ZOO and cor riff.
    lets go for 100 Million now!

  2. scibuff says :

    100 mil should be close to the total number of objected observed by SDSS (though it has spectrum data for many more)

  3. Marcy9 says :

    yep, congratulations and.. back to business 😀

  4. oino says :

    I’m not sure what the point is of my clicking and classifying when this is considered to be a ‘barred spiral.’ There’s no way I would have classified it as that.

  5. Charles says :

    Hey…if we have done 20 million…how many does that leave to do? You know, till we have classified all in the know universe?

  6. kev says :

    there should be a score system based on number of galaxies you done and percentage of them matching another user’s. I think some sort of statistics for users or seeing who’s ahead makes it more interesting.

  7. scibuff says :

    @charles, well, i believe galaxy zoo is using galaxies from SDSS (sloan digital sky survye), which observed only 1/4 of the sky. It has visual observation data for about 100 million objects and spectra for about a billion. Mind you, the best we can hope to do is to look at objects from the observable universe (about 93 billion ly in diamater), i would assume that SDSS has only a tiny fraction of those …

  8. Joash says :

    Congratulations Guys. we made it. Should set a higher target next time.

  9. buffy3kins says :

    I plan on classifying galaxies for awhile no matter how many we discover in my lifetime. I hope to learn a few things while I’m about it. Maybe with the recently launch new telescope we’ll discover at least one planet that’s capable of supporting some sort of life in my lifetime. Then I could say I’ve lived from pre- Soutnik to knowing of life on other planets.

  10. Thomas J says :

    Wow, 20 million. I have one word for that; absolutely amazing!

  11. Bez Oakley says :

    Congrats all, that 20 Million was a doddle, great fun though!

    I have classified over 900, but I only joined a month ago, does that equate to addiction???

    Here’s to the next 20m 🙂

  12. zeus2007 says :

    Congrats! Well done, very well indeed.

  13. Keith says :

    You know… classification would be a lot easier and more accurate if we had views from two locations. So are there any craft out their sending pictures back to us or… how do we get one sent up (and how long will it take to reach a useful position?!!).

    I’m a patient guy.

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