I have a confession…

What was the final Zoonometer™ count?  You can find out here…

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28 responses to “I have a confession…”

  1. margo calisto says :

    Arfon – what a confession!
    For your penance?
    Eat as many chocolate eggs over the Easter hols as you can manage -nobody will be counting.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Lily says :

    Hey Arfon, you are brilliant, thanks a lot for your hard work.

  3. Carolyn says :

    Never mind, great result anyway. But what about the galaxy that was said to be the millionth click – is that different now? and can you work out the one that was classified right at the end of the 100 hours?

  4. Albear says :

    Ahh the joys of database locking. Great result though

  5. Peter Colenberg says :

    What an amazing result! Congratulations to everybody who contributed to this brilliant project. Paradoxically it turned out the bigger the error, the greater the achievement. Are there still galaxies left out there? Personally I’d like to keep on classifying, but it would be a lot more fun to have a permanent Zoonometer there. The simple feedback device made the experience more satisfying, giving a sense of achievement and even a sense of community. How about it? Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. Arfon says :

    Margo: Thanks! Will do…

    Carolyn: Yes this would change which was the millionth click. I’ll have to take a look and see which one it actually was…

    Peter: The Zoonometer will be back. We’re just not quite sure where to put it at the moment. As you say, the busier we were the larger the error. There are still plenty of galaxies to be classified – remember it’s repeat classifications of the same galaxy that gives Galaxy Zoo its statistical strength.

  7. adam primus says :

    Wow! Now you’re sure it’s correct this time? Is it safe to be impressed?

  8. Hanny says :

    I’m impressed anyway. 😉

  9. Jo says :

    Amazing 🙂
    over 2 million, this is amazing
    but who did the 100th ??
    can’t wait to see.

  10. jules says :

    Now that is impressive.
    You are forgiven. 🙂

  11. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thanks, Arfon for the amazing final tally. If everyone in the world were a Zooite I am certain that with this kind of top efficiency & friendly co-operation we would never be faced with our global financial crisis.


  12. Rod Guice says :

    Arfon, thank you most kindly, for the outstanding work! 2,617,570 clicks? We Rule! One question though: Does a click mean a completed galaxy classification? Or does a click mean just a “click” (for instance a galaxy has a bar, or doesn’t have a bar). What does a “click” mean? Enquiring minds want to know!
    Here’s to us! Cheers!

  13. zeus2007 says :

    Holy macarronies with cheese, pizza, and soda pop 2,617,570…do we do anything else other than classify galaxies? I guess it’d have been normal if we came up with red, itchy eyes!

  14. Bryan says :

    Arfon, good job with everything! Guys, I believe that a “click” was the final classification input when clicking the last button neccessary. These “clicks” would seem to have simultaneously occured w/ many other people’s “clicks” that the counter didn’t register properly. I think we should still give credit to the 1 millionth “clicked” galaxy, AS WELL AS the 2 millionth classified galaxy, and the last one classified. I agree, lets keep the counter! When you see progress, it makes you feel good to keep on contributing!

  15. Astradamus says :

    There are other program bugs (or are they features :). For example, some galaxies show up again and again over the weeks. And Galaxy Wars sometimes shows the same galaxy in both panels. And once or twice the galaxy being classified has changed in mid-classification! These are probably caused by failing to lock the database.

  16. pat6347 says :

    All l can say is an unscientific…WOW !!!!!! Lets keep up this fantastic work.

  17. Ana Cláudia says :


    I can’t believe, this is big!

    2,617,570? It’s incredible!

    Arfon, thank you for your hard work!

    A big hug from Brasil!

  18. Rod Guice says :

    Alright folks, so a “click” is a fully classified galaxy then! 2.6mm of them! Thanks for answering the question, Bryan! Totally awesome!! Zooicons are therefore, a truly advanced and impressive life form with unlimited potential and we have massive bragging rights! Everyone at the local saloon owes us a libation! Then of course, it’s back to work looking for those clusters, mergers, lenses, quasars, and ever illusive voorwerps!

    I hope Galaxy Zoo is as meaningful for everyone else, as it is for me.

  19. brian says :

    over 2.5 million! an accomplishment indeed!!!
    Great that the goal of 1,000,000 was more then doubled…it says a lot.

  20. Evil-Dragon says :

    Fantastic news! Congrats on beating the target 2 fold!

  21. Gail says :

    I’m pleased to have worked on this with you. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox. And yes, I thought we were busier than a measly 1.45 million, too.

  22. Thomas J says :

    Hey Arfon, you had me scared for a moment. I really thought you were going to say that we really didn’t hit the target. I almost cried out loud when I saw the actual total.


    Thanks again, Arfon.

  23. Mark says :

    So we averaged 7.2 clicks per second, 26175 clicks per hour, or 436 clicks per minute.


  24. Daniel Templeton says :

    It was very interesting. I did some collecting of images in
    power point to show my children and friends what we do. In the first round in 2007 I had a count in excess of 22,000. I know that some did so much more, but it has changed my perception of the universe. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  25. Charles says :

    Are we great… Or what? Thanks for letting us do this. What is next?

  26. COD says :

    OMG! This is amazing! Mark, that was some hard math, good job. I’m going to tell everyone I know about this! Thanks for the hard work!! 🙂

  27. Thomas Rusconi says :

    Simply amazing! Science as NEVER BEFORE! Thank you for all the hard work, go team!

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