Summer Mergers at IRAM

Hi All,

As you might recall, we were weathered out last January and so I’ve come back to 1) find my champagne bottle and 2) measure CO gas in merging spirals. The weather has been pretty good so far and in the first two nights we got 9 good detections. I would send pictures of what’s happening here but I forgot my camera cable, so all I can do is send an image of one of our detections. I’ll update you soon!

Good CO Detection

Good CO Detection

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8 responses to “Summer Mergers at IRAM”

  1. Waveney says :

    Excellent news.

  2. Kevin says :

    Clear skies!

  3. Kevin says :

    Or rather, low tau!

  4. zeus2007 says :

    Nice. Good luck!

  5. Pat says :

    Oh Best of luck in finding the Champers and hope you have clear skies. 🙂

  6. Alice says :

    Here’s wishing you the best of luck, Daniel. May many mergers introduce themselves. Say hello to Senor Zorro! 😀

    Kevin, remind most of us what tau means 😉

  7. Kevin says :

    Tau is a measure of the transparency of the sky at the wavelength that you want to observe at. In the sub-mm, you might still have a `clear sky’ even if it’s cloudy, as long as it’s dry. I’ve observed at IRAM during the day with substantial clouds and got good data.

  8. cameron says :

    that very cool

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