Supernova Zoo updates

I’ve just added in the latest batch of images taken by the Palomar Transient Factory last night.  The PTF surveys large areas the sky every night looking for new supernovae.  The images from these observations are then run through an automated pipeline which flags potential new candidates which we show to you.

One of the most exciting aspects of Supernova Zoo is that we are showing Zooites images taken from the PTF telescope just hours earlier and if you mark it as something interesting then we very quickly show it to more people so we can get a definitive answer quickly.  Finding new supernovae as early as possible is one of the main aims of Supernova Zoo, if and when we find something interesting Mark and Sarah are waiting to follow it up at the WHT.




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2 responses to “Supernova Zoo updates”

  1. Mark O'Connell says :

    Oooo Nice.. Instant gratification. (Queue evil laugh)

  2. TonyAWACS says :

    You guys have the coolest job! Thanks for sharing.

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