Top 10 American Style

As I’ve spent most of the last month in the US, and I saw a request from Curtis when I last updated the Top 10 cities for the states most infiltrated by Zooites.
Picture 13

In 10th place, Massachusetts
In 9th, Oregon
8th, Washington
7th, Virginia
6th, Florida
5th, Pennsylvania
4th, Texas
3rd, New York
2nd, Illinois
1st, California

I think we need to sort this by population, but in the meantime I can confirm for Adam – who asked the question – that there are indeed Zooites in Ulaan Baatar.


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6 responses to “Top 10 American Style”

  1. Jim says :

    I can say with certainty that Michigan is a fine place to study the marvels of the sky.

  2. Alice says :

    I think I know who to blame for some of these statistics. 😀

  3. Charles says :

    Only 4 of these states are not in the top ten population wise: Virginia (#12), Washington (#13), Massachusetts (#15) and Oregon (#28). You can guess that I’m from Oregon because I bothered to figure this out and post it 🙂

  4. zeus2007 says :

    Ah I’m there, somewhere hahaha!

  5. مملكة ملوك says :

    I think I know who to blame for some of these statistics.

  6. elizatbeth says :

    How interesting thanks for the update.

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