Peas please me

Well, at the start of the night we were a bit nervous that none of our objects would turn out to be Peas. Fortunately, by the end of the night our quick looks at the data indicate that four of the seven i-Pea candidates that we managed to observe are emission line objects at the redshift we expected our selection to give, i.e. they are Peas! That’s about as good a success rate as we dared hope for.

The night hasn’t been without its difficulties. The seeing (how blurry the atmosphere makes our images) wasn’t great for most of the night, and it has turned out to be hard to actually find our targets because they are so faint. Those issues combined meant that we didn’t get through as many candidates as we hoped for, but we are still happy with the collection we got.

Right now, time for a quick breakfast then some sleep before trying to net some more Peas tomorrow night.

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6 responses to “Peas please me”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Wow, great news !

  2. ElisabethB says :

    Wow, great news !

  3. Edd says :

    Has anyone made a joke about looking through the telescope i-peas yet?

  4. rick n. says :

    Pea-tastic! Pea-sational! Best of luck with your

  5. Hanny says :

    I believe your the first Edd. 😛

  6. Sarah says :

    Has anyone made a joke about looking through the telescope i-peas yet? Cuz it sound nice

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