Leaving La Silla

Our pea hunting observing run is over and, as you will have gathered from previous posts, it has gone very well. We travelled back from La Silla to Santiago last night, for another brief stay at the ESO Guesthouse. Now I’m about to get on the plane back to the UK.

We are thrilled with how well the run has gone. I’ve done a rough analysis of the data already and we’ve already started drafting the paper presenting the results! I’ll do a more careful analysis once I get back to the office, but early indications are that we’ve got a nice collection of higher redshift objects that are very similar to the fascinating SDSS Peas that were discovered on the Galaxy Zoo forum, and an almost perfect technique for finding more! I’ll keep you posted as our work progresses.

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6 responses to “Leaving La Silla”

  1. rick n. says :

    Astounding and outstanding!

  2. randa says :


  3. Alice says :

    Can’t wait to hear more about our wonderful pea harvest. May we reap what we sowed.

  4. Jo says :

    Great news ! Thanks for all the posts.

  5. elizatbeth says :

    Wonderful news!!

  6. Hanny says :

    Thanks Steven! 😉

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