Binary Star System in Cetus

*80 Cet

*80 Cet

80 Cet, a star posted by Zooite and moderator Infinity on Sunday 20th June 2010 for Father’s Day, is in fact locked gravitationally to another star, both orbiting around each other on their common centre of mass. Interestingly, around one in three stars in our galaxy are found in binary or multiple star systems.

I couldn’t glean much information on the stars but with the help of SIMBAD and Peter Clark (@lightbulb500) from the Young Astronomers website, we both agreed that it’s likely to be a Red Giant paired with a White Dwarf star -please point out if we have the classification wrong!

Sources: Wikipedia and Binary Stars Blitzed.

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4 responses to “Binary Star System in Cetus”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Great blog, Stella ! Thank you for posting.


  2. Robert Simpson says :

    This series of posts is quickly going to become a favourite of mine. Nice little post, stella190!

  3. Thomas says :

    Great blog, Stellar and good to see that you are blogging the OOTW on a regular basis.

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