Zoo 1 data set free

Hi all

It’s taken longer than it should have done – more than three years since the launch of the site – but the data from the original galaxy zoo is now available.

Paper title

The paper describing the data set was only accepted by the journal yesterday, but we were confident enough after an earlier report to go ahead and make it public. The data can also be downloaded in a variety of formats from our site, or via Casjobs.

The data set is slightly updated from our previous efforts; while we’ve been busy with Galaxy Zoo, the good people of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey produced a new data release which included more spectra, allowing us to estimate biases for more galaxies than ever before.

We’ve had a lot of fun exploring this data set, and we hope that by making it available to all other astronomers then they will make use of your classifications too.

Knowing the Zoo, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see something interesting come from any of you who wanted to have a play – feel free to download and dig in, and let us know how you get on. Meanwhile, the team are working hard on Zoo 2, and hopefully it won’t take as long before that data set too is ready to go.

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4 responses to “Zoo 1 data set free”

  1. Rick says :

    The list of the paper’s authors and where they are based seems at odds with itself. At the moment, zookeeper Kevin is at Nottingham, whilst zookeeper Bamford is in Upton New York. Surely some mishtake?

  2. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    This is very exciting news to learn that our GZ community efforts have come to complete fruition .


  3. Jean Tate says :

    Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s (Friday, 30th July) Object of the Day!

  4. Edward Taylor says :

    I am so excited to see this publicly available! Thankyou so much to zookeepers and the zooers alike!

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