Black hole hunter finds quarry!

The care and feeding of black holes in galaxies has been a major focus of Zookeeper Kevin’s work. Checking his research publications shows at least a dozen journal papers dealing with black holes, whether seen actively accreting and shining as active galactic nuclei, or lurking quietly in less spectacular galaxies. Now I can reveal that, thanks to new technology, black hole hunting has become dramatically easier. Witness this documentation from a site visit – only one building over from Kevin’s office. I didn’t see what kind of delivery vehicle this needed.

Kevin finds black holes!

Kevin finds black holes!

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3 responses to “Black hole hunter finds quarry!”

  1. Half65 says :

    Be careful.
    You’re too near.

  2. veggy2 says :

    Interesting that they all seem to share a preferred orientation.

  3. astro boy says :

    Thanks 4 youre focusing

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