Galaxy Zoo: Supernova Author Poster

Supernova Poster

For day one of the Zooniverse Advent Calendar we finally gave you the Galaxy Zoo 2 Author Poster. That project is complete, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t create similar thank-yous for the other Zooniverse projects. So here is the Galaxy Zoo: Supernova Author Poster!

13,400 individuals, who have taken part in the Supernova project to date, merged into an amazing image of the famous supernova 1987a. You can download the largest size (18MB), or the 2500-pixels version (6MB). There is also an equivalent author page on the Supernova website.

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5 responses to “Galaxy Zoo: Supernova Author Poster”

  1. Els says :

    Thanks ! 😀

  2. Jules says :

    Fantastic! Spotted my name too! 🙂

  3. Fezman92 (David Cohen) says :

    I found my name on the author page, but haven’t found my name on the poster. lol

  4. Vergelijk Vliegticket says :

    The pictures are beautiful. Thanks to everyone making the SuperNova project to a success.

  5. aalyphaa says :

    found my name on the author page, dont think im even going to try to find it on the image though.

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