Radio Peas on astro-ph

Today on astro-ph the Peas radio paper has come out!   I discussed the details of the radio observations in July, after the paper had been submitted.  The refereeing process can take several months, from the original submission until the paper is accepted.

The paper is very exciting to all of us that worked on the original Peas paper, because it is a great example on how these exciting young galaxies (not too far away) are giving us insights into the way galaxies form and evolve.  In the case of the Radio Peas, the observed radio emission suggests that perhaps galaxies start out with very strong magnetic fields.

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4 responses to “Radio Peas on astro-ph”

  1. Richard Scalzo says :

    Yay! Well done Carie + Zooites, good work and good getting the good work out there into the world where we can all admire it and cite it many times. Hope to see you at AAS in January!

  2. Rick N. says :

    Good news! Magnetic Peas- must be a first…

  3. carie says :

    A great summary of our paper was just posted at astrobites: See here for another summary of the paper’s results:

  4. Rick N. says :

    Thanks Carie for this link to astrobites article. It helps to understand the paper much more easily(!) than before.

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