Kitt Peak wrapup – for now

The end of this observing run made up for the unnecessarily interesting variety of weather early on. Calm, clear skies, ran through an object list just as fast as we said in the proposal. Here’s a montage of the red-light images from 9 of the target galaxy pairs done on night 4.

Overlapping galaxy pairs from KPNO 2.1m telescope

That’s it for this run. But we’ll be back there late next month to really clean up the target list.

2 responses to “Kitt Peak wrapup – for now”

  1. mitch says :

    Great stuff, looking forward to the updates

  2. richardseel says :

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s really good to be ‘looking over your shoulder’ as you work. Like many I wanted to be an astronomer in my teen years but ended up as a film maker instead! So it’s great to be able to do it by proxy!

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