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2012 is turning out to be a great year for Galaxy Zoo science. From Voorwerpjes to mergers to barred galaxies, there is lots to talk about right now when it comes to Galaxy Zoo. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be holding a live chat with Galaxy Zoo science team stars Chris Lintott and Karen Masters. Starting at 2pm British Summer Time (1300 UT, 9am in New York, 3pm in Paris), Chris and Karen will be answering your questions and talking about some of the recent Galaxy Zoo work, made possible why your efforts on

If you have anything you’d like to them to discuss, or any questions you’d like them answer, then please either leave a comment here or Tweet us @galaxyzoo. We’ll also take questions via Twitter during the live chat.

You can watch the live chat right here on the blog, via our YouTube channel, where the video will also be posted afterwards. We’ll put links here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, nearer the time. We’ll be using Google Hangouts for the live chat, so you can add the Zooniverse’s Google+ page to your own Google+ circles and connect that way too.

UPDATE: The live chat will begin shortly. The video feed will be visible here nearer the time.


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8 responses to “Live Chat – Hangout with Us”

  1. Mary Steiner says :

    I’d like to know of there are any plans to change Galaxy Zoo again? You changed from Galaxy Zoo 2 to use Hubble data, what other data would you use if you could? Thanks 🙂

  2. Ross says :

    Why do so many of the galaxies look fuzzy?

  3. YAn Anthony says :

    i have a question is it possible that our universe is multidimensional and the big bang in fact is a multi bang just like the fireworks do u have different components for the planets and u get different results in a universe the major component kahn be silicone in another carbon in another one hydrogen thanks

  4. Todd Howard says :

    Thanks guys… Interesting chat

  5. YAn Anthony says :

    nice chat , still my question is too big to answer

  6. alf says :

    I would like an opinion on a galaxy I was studying, looks like an enormous gas cloud surrounding it. when I put the box on it, indicates its a galaxy, It just seems strange to me. the id and ra dec is
    588848898853568579 213.4198 -0.8452
    I would really like to have someone give me an opinion on this. appreciate it..

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