Updates to Talk

Just before the upgrade started, we were discussing NGC 6745 on Talk.

The good news: the developers are currently hard at work migrating Talk to the latest version, which has many improvements over the old version. When the update is finished, the Talk home page will contain lots more information about each new post (including thumbnails!), the discussions should be easier to navigate, and the collections will be easier to navigate and manage — just for a start. We’ve been looking forward to this upgrade for a while, and once it’s completed it will make discussions of your discoveries even better.

The bad news: Talk will be down for a few hours while the upgrade actually takes place. And, as with any significant update that includes changing the way your favorite website appears on a page, it may take some getting used to. But hang in there and you’ll find your way around. Also, please feel free to ask questions, either here or on Talk itself. (Also also, thanks for bearing with us.)

The other good news: The main classification site isn’t affected at all — so you can still classify galaxies to your heart’s content, without interruption!

One response to “Updates to Talk”

  1. Suzanne Morris says :

    Hi. I always enjoy the hangouts and especially enjoy the scientific discussions along with the images but because there is only an hour to share your knowledge with us, I would prefer that we hear a lot more scientific discussion using your collective expertise.

    Galaxy zoo and the bubble project are very exciting and I have really enjoyed working with than. Thanks. Suelaine

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