Radio Galaxy Zoo is now available in Chinese!

We’re pleased to announce that Radio Galaxy Zoo has been 
translated to traditional character Chinese. Many thanks
to the Zooniverse’s Chris Snyder for getting all the technical
things set up for the translation to go live and Mei-Yin Chou
at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
(ASIAA) for helping verifying the translation. What follows
is an announcement describing Radio Galaxy Zoo and the translation
in traditional character Chinese and then in English: 電 波星系動物園[中 文版]歡 迎你的加入!在此我們欣然宣佈本計畫中文版開始啟用。
感謝中央研究院天文及天文物理研究所 Dr. Meg Schwamb (Meg是 參與Planet
Hunters 和Planet Four計 畫的科學家)以 及天文推廣團隊成員黃珞文協助,
將英文內容翻譯轉換為繁體中文。在 許多星系核心深處其實隱匿著一些超大質量的黑洞,
時仍可看得到從星系核心噴出的巨大噴流。由 電波波段看到的天空和在「可見光」
波段所看到的(可見的意思就是人類肉眼所看得到的),此兩種景象有時大異其 趣。
或有時這些噴流的外觀是筆直的直線,有時卻 是一團、只有單邊而非雙邊對稱、
電波噴流和團塊影像,它們需要和所屬的宿主星系做成匹配。因 此,我們邀請你加入我們的行列,
再將它 們和紅外圖像進行比較及匹 配,這麼一來,在你的協助下,
噴流和宿主星系間本來付之闕如的關聯 性,未來將可建立成形。

Image Welcome to Radio Galaxy Zoo (Chinese)! It is with great
pleasure that we announce the launch of the Chinese version
of our project. We are very grateful to Dr Meg Schwamb
(from Planet Hunters and Planet Four) and Lauren Huang from
Academia Sinica’s Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
(ASIAA) for their help with translating our project from
English to traditional Chinese characters. Supermassive black holes (~several hundred million times
the mass of our Sun) lie deep in the cores of many galaxies.
And though we cannot directly see these black holes, we do
sometimes see the huge radio jets originating from the galaxy
cores. Galaxies in the radio sky can look quite different from
the one seen in the optical wavelengths by instruments such
as our own eyes. Some galaxies do not have any central radio
emission but only radio jet(s) emanating outwards. Sometimes
these jets are straight but at other times, they can be blobby,
one-sided or bent. With very large all-sky radio surveys, we
have many hundreds of thousands of radio jets and blobs that
need to be matched to their host galaxies. Therefore we invite you to see the Universe as you have never
seen before and help us map the radio sky by matching the radio
jets and filaments to the galaxies (as seen in the infrared images) from
whence they came.

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