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Zooniverse blog from #ZooCon13

In case you missed it, there’s plenty of Galaxy Zoo in @chrislintott‘s blog from #zoocon13


Welcome to the Zooniverse

You’ll notice the blog looks more than a little different today; we’ve given it a more modern and flexible style and incorporated our twitter stream, so that you can keep up with all the news in one place.

The changes are part of the launch of the Zooniverse the new home for Galaxy Zoo and the other projects we’re developing. There won’t be any changes to Galaxy Zoo itself – apart from the small banner at the top of the page – so you’re welcome to just continue classifying galaxies, colliding galaxies, or hunting supernovae.

If you fancy a break, though, you can find the Zooniverse here, or read more about the launch on the new Zooniverse blog.