Questions about Cosmology?

A group of young cosmology researchers at the University of Portsmouth (where a number of Zoo people work) are trying to start a video podcast outreach project. The working title is “Our Universe” and the idea is that these would be short video podcasts, probably released on You Tube which will give some insight into how cosmologists/astronomers work as well as answer some basic questions about the science. I’ve seen a rough draft of the “pilot episode” and it’s quite fun.

One idea is that each episode would include short (ideally around 10 seconds) video or audio clips from members of the public asking questions of scientists. These can be questions about the science, or about their jobs, or whatever you want really. We were hoping that some Zooites reading this blog might be interested in helping out with this as a test run – and you might get to appear in one of the early episodes if it all works out. Be warned – if the clip is too long it’s much less likely to be useful. Short and to the point questions are what’s needed here.

So if you have a burning question to ask a cosmologist and you have the ability to make a short video (with a webcam for example) or audio clip (plus accompanying picture) of yourself asking this question that would be great. For now we’ll use the University of Portsmouth Web Shelf to share the files – if you upload something post a comment here with the URL and I’ll grab it (don’t worry it’ll expire a week after you upload it).

Thanks in advance for your help, Karen.

About karenlmasters

Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Haverford College, USA. Principle Investigator for Galaxy Zoo. Spokesperson for fourth phase of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Enjoys using radio telescopes. Busy having fun with astronomy!

4 responses to “Questions about Cosmology?”

  1. zeus2007 says :

    Sounds great and fun, too bad I’m kinda shy and cams seem to either drop dead or run away when they see me. So I hereby wish the best of luck to everyone involved in this project.

  2. Edd says :

    I think we’ll accept questions in text form too? We could have someone else read out the question I think.

  3. zeus2007 says :

    That might help for those too shy or without cams to submit their questions.

  4. Karen Masters says :

    I think Edd’s right – text (plus a picture?) would be great. We can “fake” the audio with someone local.

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