New supernovae found!

After a couple of exposures, we are happy to say that we believe the object mentioned previously is a young supernova. This is great news.

Mark and I thought we would give you better feel for what we are doing here by showing you something visual to have a look at. This our latest target, which we are confident is also a supernova from our raw data. What you can see here are the images of this object as they appear on the zoo. This is a great example of what a supernova will look like in the zoo images. The reason for this is that you can see some structure in the host of the supernova. In general if the transient object appears as in a blob, rather than a perfect circle, it is far more likely to be a real supernova, than a variable star. Although this is not a solid rule of supernovae screening, it is always good to know.

Thank you all for helping to make this observing run a real success. We will be sure to let you know our supernovae grand total soon enough but for now we are looking at in excess of 20 new supernovae. Let’s see if we can catch a few more!



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13 responses to “New supernovae found!”

  1. Mark says :

    Woot! I am glad we can help. This is why we are here for you.

  2. Graham Dungworth says :

    Very pleased to help you both.
    I would have classified it as Yes Yes, then No- not circular distorted.

  3. Hanny says :

    You’re welcome! 😀

  4. Anonymous says :

    Wow 20+ new SN !

  5. Mark says :

    @ Sarah and Mark – What, are you sleeping now? Is that why the updates have stopped? 😉

    If so enjoy your sleep, and dream of the things we can help you with in the future. Thanks again for using us with this science. I know I had fun clicking.

  6. oino says :

    After a bit of a learning curve, I think I was able to help. And that’s very satisfying to me as an armchair explorer. To have positive results so quickly is even better. Thanks for the new thing to do and for the immediate feedback on our value to you 🙂

  7. rasoul(rasam) says :

    hi…i want to take part in your projects but i can’t enter the website:
    is it closed?
    help me plz……..

  8. matsutoya says :

    Which one of the pictures is the host, and which one is the transient object?

  9. Paul says :

    A supernovA please, Sarah. SupernovAE is plural!

  10. Anonymous says :

    I’m sure tha must’ve been an incredible find!

  11. Thomas Goodey says :

    One supernova, two supernovae. What is the world coming to? I always supposed the people on GalaxyZoo were educated…

  12. zeus2007 says :

    This is great news…I think we can almost feel like the explorers setting foot on uknown land, excited. Weren’t Chinese astronomers like the first to discover a supernova? I think I read that somewhere…you know astronomers in ancient dinasties.

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