WHT supernovae finds update

Just over half way through or night and we are doing well again, in spite of some technical adversity early on. Our next target is a very exciting target. It is either a very new supernovae that has only been around for a few days, or it could be an asteroid. Here at WHT we are certainly hoping for this object to be a young supernovae.

So, why are new supernovae so good? Well, to begin with we want to know as much about supernovae as possible and the best way to do that is to catch them early and follow them. Certainly if this object is what we hope it is, it will be a good candidate for future follow up.

This really is some exciting science! Stand by for an update on what we find!

Sarah :0)


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One response to “WHT supernovae finds update”

  1. Seba says :

    Asteroid sounds cool too!

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