Machine learning paper now available

Just a quick note that Manda’s submitted paper on machine learning is now available on astro-ph.


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5 responses to “Machine learning paper now available”

  1. Waveney says :

    The papers list has been updated

  2. Mark says :

    It’s a very nice paper. I sorta wondered futher into it when you got to the math. Aside from the math/programing I found it easy to follow. It’s very nice work.

  3. MJ Staley says :

    I’ve long wondered when someone would take a crack at turning AI loose on this kind of stuff. I appreciate the human element in projects such as what the Galaxy Zoo is taking on – but – if I were a project manager and someone came to me and said “I can give you 90% of the benefit at half the cost and in half the time”, I’d have to listen.

    Good luck in your endeavor – I’m rooting for you.

  4. Carie says :

    The AI is learning from the work everyone is doing on Galaxy Zoo. There is no plans to turn it all over to an AI anytime soon!

    Even as they develop better and better AI techniques, the AI still needs to learn from your classifications to teach it how to classify a new data set. Then it can return the interesting objects it has trouble with to the human users in an interactive processes. The AI isn’t replacing the citizen scientists, but learning how to work with them.

  5. Jo says :

    Carie, thanks for writing that. really nicely explained.

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