Galaxy Zoo paper on AGN host galaxies accepted!

Dear all,

I am happy to tell you that after a lot of work and a long peer review process, the Galaxy Zoo paper on AGN host galaxies (galaxies whose supermassive black holes are feeding) has finally been accepted by the Astrophysical Journal.

I’ve blogged about it before when we submitted it last year. The paper itself has gotten a lot longer than I initially thought it would be because the morphologies we got out of all your clicks revealed quite a few things that we really didn’t expect, and that we weren’t sure how to explain. I’ll keep this blog post short, but I’ll try and follow it up with more details on what your clicks enabled us to to find, and (maybe also) what it means about growing black holes and how they affect the galaxies that they live in.

One of the more interesting things we found were these galaxies whose black holes are growing. In many ways, these galaxies resemble our own Milky Way…


In the meantime, you can get a PDF copy of the paper here, or off astro-ph when it appears there tomorrow night (January 19th).

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5 responses to “Galaxy Zoo paper on AGN host galaxies accepted!”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank you, Kevin for the latest news on AGN, I will certainly read the paper with great interest.


  2. Ben says :

    I wans’t convinced the AGN scenario was the end-of-it. I’m a Physics graduate but spell it out for us non-cosmo’s; Why does a supermassive BH accrete a disc of normal matter without dark matter(DM)/energy (DE) interacting? The standard galactic accretion model punts homogeneous normal matter, giveor take; why fine-tune?

  3. DancesWithWords says :

    Just finished printing out this paper I look forward to reading it on bus as I go to work in the morning. Look very interesting. Congrads on yet another successful submission by the zoo-masters.

    Masters of the Universe.

    Sorry could resist the last statement.

  4. rick says :

    Just about got through the abstract. Awesome paper and very interesting findings. Excellent all round, but then we would expect nothing less…

  5. DancesWithWords says :

    Finished reading the complete paper yesterday. Found it informative. Well have to follow up on some of the terminology, but for the most part I was understandable even for a layperson.

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