Finishing off the Peas Documentary

Dear all,

Many moons back, a large group of Zooites travelled to Oxford to make nearly all of a documentary about Galaxy Zoo, and especially peas, with PulseProject. It was a terrific success, and there’s just one more thing they’d like to do before it’s ready. Can you help?

Colin, who interviewed us all, wants to make a montage of about 30 zooites from around the world. He’d like you to Skype him, or to send him a brief video recording of yourself, along with your latitude and longitude. All you need to say is your name, and that you’re a zooite. For example, “My name is X and I classify galaxies at Galaxy Zoo” or “My name is Y and I am a zooite”. (Either your real name or your zoo name is fine.)

When you connect to him, you’ll get a blank screen – he may need to text you to let you know that he’s there watching. It’s so that his part doesn’t interfere with the recording. His Skype name is colincmurphy and his e-mail is He’d love to hear from you.

You don’t have to have come to Oxford for that meet-up or to have had any particular involvement with the peas. Being a zooite is the main thing!

There is a copy of this message on the zoo forum if you’d like to see more discussion. Please let me know of any questions, and I’ll answer them if I can and contact Colin if I can’t.

I hope to see our peas, Oxford and the wonderful science of Galaxy Zoo in PulseProject’s documentary soon – and you as part of it!


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4 responses to “Finishing off the Peas Documentary”

  1. Joseph K. H. Cheng says :

    Thank you , Alice for the update.

    JKHC ( 24/1/10 )

  2. Paddy says :

    Hi Alice.
    This looks intriguing.
    I haven’t got Skype.
    But at the next meet up, if there is someone with Skype, I’m willing to give it a go.

  3. Alan Eggleston says :

    Is this still going on or do you have the 30 you need?

  4. Alice says :

    We still need more, so please send yours in, thanks Alan!

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