A star with a full house

This week’s OOTW features Lightbulb500’s OOTD posted on the 27th of August.

HD 10180; Credit: ESO

HD 10180; Credit: ESO

This star, HD 10180, lurks in Hydrus 127 light years away.  It’s a sun-like star, and through 190 observations of the stars wobble with the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (phew) it is found to have five gas giants, and two more wobbles are suspected to be due to two or more additional planets! One it has been proposed is another gas giant, much like Saturn, and the second planet is thought to be Earth-sized, but although it could be the right size for life, its orbit around HD 10180’s solar system certainly isn’t the best at 0.02 arc seconds from the star, to give you an idea of how close that is, it orbits its star in 1.8 Earth days! Toast anyone?

Read more about this planetary system here, and there’s a wonderful video on the system here!

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