Birthday Wishes and NGC 3169

This week’s OOTW features Alice’s OOTD posted on the 25th of November 2010.

NGC 3169

This beauty is NGC 3169. It’s a spiral galaxy 55.3 million light years away in the constellation Sextans. It’s part of a group of two other spiral galaxies: NGC 3166 and NGC 3165.  The nearest galaxy to it – NGC 3166 – is tugging at it, causing its spiral arms to distort.

sextans galaxies

NGC 3169 also happens to be a nomination for this:

Today’s Object of the Day is not an object, but a request for some. Zookeeper Rob is looking for an “Object of the Day” for a Zoo Advent Calendar, which should be interesting (open up this pocket of space and – oops, a black hole! ). Want to help?

From now until Monday, please post your favourite galaxy, either from Hubble Zoo or from SDSS. On Monday we will have a poll, closing on Tuesday night.”

– Alice

(Post the galaxies in Alice’s OOTD)

Also, Happy Birthday Zookeeper Chris!

Chris Card


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3 responses to “Birthday Wishes and NGC 3169”

  1. Alice says :

    What a lovely OOTW, Stellar! Hope you had a great 30th, Chris. And I’m loving the objects that everyone’s suggesting for our advent calendar, keep them coming!

  2. annball says :

    Happy Happy Birthday Zookeeper!
    (P.S. Love this site..working on understanding how to get around)

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