Galaxy Zoo 2 Author Poster

Zoo 2 Author Poster Sample

We’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and the Zooniverse Advent Calendar gives us the perfect excuse: the Galaxy Zoo 2 author poster. The poster shows the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) made up of the 51,000 names of Galaxy Zoo 2 volunteers who gave permission for us to display their names. Every person named on this poster has classified at least one galaxy and thus been a part of Zooniverse history.

You can download the smaller version (6.5MB) or the larger 7000 pixel version (25MB). You can take these posters and do what you like with them – print them, create wallpapers etc. You can also access the full list of names at if you want to get a better look at the list.

Zoo 2 Author Poster Sample

If you do anything fun with these images or data, then please get in touch and share it via the comments section below.

UPDATE: Thanks to some eagle-eyed users we noticed that we were missing a few names (about 16,000!) so the poster has been updated. The Galaxy Zoo 2 Authors page will be update tomorrow. Sorry for the mix up but I think we have it right now.

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10 responses to “Galaxy Zoo 2 Author Poster”

  1. Jo says :

    This is awesome! Thank you so much. Wow! Fab start to the Zoo Advent Calendar 🙂

  2. Chris says :

    We should also say that this will be linked to from the author list of all Zoo 2 papers. Thanks everyone!

  3. Rod Guice says :

    It is such an honor to be associated with Galaxy Zoo, and tell people things like, “I helped do this!” I plan to print this poster (and the one for Zoo1), hang it on my office wall, and then find out if my eyes are still good enough to find my name (the names appear in random order- sort of a ‘where’s waldo’ concept). Thanks so much! What will we find next? I am proud of Galaxy Zoo and proud to be from the Milky Way, an awesome barred spiral!!

  4. Fezman92 says :

    This is really cool! Has the list been updated? I could not find my name on it

  5. Half65 says :

    That’s really great

  6. Linda Constandi says :

    I am blown away, thank you for placing us in this wonderful galaxy ,how awsome is that.

  7. Linda Constandi says :

    I am blown away, thank you for placing us in this wonderful galaxy ,how awsome is that. Lets keep moving on.

  8. Fezman92 says :

    I still can’t find my name in there or on the list even though I was told it is there. lol

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