Quench: New Classifications Needed

We have a few dozen new galaxies in GZ Quench that need your classification savvy. As with all research projects, there are sure to be some glitches. Luckily we have a great group of Quenchers on the job. And as a few pointed out (including the force of nature that is Jean Tate!), 57 of our 3002 control sample galaxies were duplicates. We’ve identified suitable replacements and, to make sure no bias is introduced, we’ve added some of the original post-quenched galaxies to the mix as well. So let’s get classifying!

For a reminder about what GZ Quench is all about, check out the first Quench blog post. Yes, in this project, we’re not only classifying galaxies, but we’re going all the way to support our citizen scientists in experiencing the full process of science.


We’re now into Phase 2 of GZ Quench, analyzing the results of the classifications and making sense of our data. Our amazing group of Quenchers have provided incredibly useful feedback on the analysis tools we’ve made available and the analysis process. And there are already a number of intriguing results (for example, here and here)!

We’re now ready to give Quench a boost. Later today I’ll post Part 1 of our How-To-Guide, breaking the analysis phase into bite-size pieces and providing a smoother on-ramp for all of you out there who want to join in the GZ Quench experience, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Stay tuned…

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