Galaxy drumstick, anyone?

Over the past six years, Galaxy Zoo volunteers have spotted innumerable patterns in the shapes of regular, merging, and fortuitously overlapping galaxies in the various surveys. While we’ve had great success with letters of the alphabet and with animals, searches of both the Forum and Talk haven’t revealed many turkeys so far. In recognition of Thanksgiving in the U.S. this week, we offer this turkey drumstick (or tofurkey, if you’re a veggie like some team members) spotted last year by volunteer egalaxy.


A galaxy (or pair?) at z=0.436, spotted in Galaxy Zoo: Hubble

For those of you who get them, enjoy the break — and let us know what you think about this interesting galaxy (or possible overlapping pair)!

About Kyle Willett

Kyle Willett is a postdoc and astronomer at the University of Minnesota. He works as a member of the Galaxy Zoo team, and gets to study galaxy morphology and evolution, AGN, blazars, megamasers, citizen science engagement, and many other cool things.

2 responses to “Galaxy drumstick, anyone?”

  1. Jean Tate says :

    It’s not a turkey, it’s … an alien spider (has fewer than 8 legs) attempting to swallow a sword!

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