Talking about Galaxy Zoo on the Jodcast

I talk about Galaxy Zoo (specifically the red spirals and the results we had on bars in spirals) in the May 2011 Extra Edition of the Jodcast. I start talking about Galaxy Zoo about 6 minutes in. I linked just my interview below.


Hope you enjoy it, Karen.

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About karenlmasters

Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Haverford College, USA. Project Scientist for Galaxy Zoo. Spokesperson for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Busy having fun with astronomy!

One response to “Talking about Galaxy Zoo on the Jodcast”

  1. Kirk Sorensen says :

    My studies in cosmology have led to a question you may be able to help me with based on the data from the 3-D map of the Universe. Has someone done a statistical study on the angular orientation of star systems and galaxies? I am studying the potential for angular momentum remaining from the Big Bang as conveyed with a space-angular momentum brane. With all the merging since that time, there will be a distribution of orientations. I am hoping to find a non-random skew to the data. Thanks.

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