An anniversary Voorwerpje

Following on the heels of the 5th anniversary of Galaxy Zoo itself, this week marks five years since Hanny pointed out the Voorwerp.

To help celebrate the occasion, we have new Hubble data on another of
its smallar relatives. This time the telescope pointed toward
SDSS J151004.01+074037.1 (SDSS 1510 for short). This has a type 2 (narrow-emission-line) AGN at z=0.0458. This was (as far as I can tell) first posted on the forum by Zooite Blackprojects, and also identified in the systematic hunt. Here it is in the SDSS:

SDSS 1510+07 from SDSS

SDSS 1510+07 from SDSS

Aa usual, these are minimally processed Hubble data, and in particular using filters where we can’t get the color right for both clouds and starlight at the same time without more work. As usual, green comes from [O III] and red from Hα , so green is more highly ionized gas. This one is cool enough already – I think of a Martian flamenco dancer with some cobwebs, but your view may vary:

SDSS 1510+07 from Hubble

SDSS 1510+07 from Hubble

Looking slightly ahead, next week, Alexei Moiseev, known on the Zoo forum from his wrk on a catalog of polar-ring galaxies based on a clever use of Zoo-1 click data, will be working with us next week, obtaining radial-velocity maps of three of these galaxies using the 6-meter Russian telescope in the Caucasus (the BTA, Bolshoi Teleskop Azimutalnyi or Large Altazimuth Telescope).

And on that note, I turn back to a new book on black-hole astrophysics,
which has me peeking ahead to page 749 for a table of timescales for
accretion phenomena. That, and wish everyone a happy, highly-ionized and just slightly late 5th Voorwerpendag!

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